I Can Teach You To Sew

Photo by laurakmoore.com
Photo by laurakmoore.com


I’m Amelia, and I’d love to teach you to sew. Whether you’ve never touched a sewing machine, or just want to hone your skills, I can help you learn not only to sew better, but to enjoy the process more. I teach the basics of sewing, getting more acquainted with your machine, as well as how to read patterns and accomplish various techniques. I am also available for help if you have specific projects you’re looking to complete. Please check out my calendar for current offerings, or contact me to set up alternate times or for help with whatever you are working on.

I took the Sewing Basics class last Saturday and found it wonderfully informative. Empowering, even. I bought a fancy machine a bunch of years ago and have always been intimidated by it, but I feel so much more comfortable with it now. Thank you, Amelia. -Caia

Thank you Amelia for being such a great teacher!! You make sewing so much fun. -Corinne

I had such a great time at the Understanding Your Pattern Envelope class today. Thank you Amelia! I’m so excited to take the next class! -Jessica